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Pain to Peace in 7 Steps

The spiritual ascension journey is 99% emotional healing! Your painful emotions and associated negative thoughts keep you from feeling joy, freedom and inner peace. Whether you are just now awakening along with many other people who are moving through a dark night of the soul, or have been on a conscious journey for many years, clearing the ego personality of pain is imperative to growing spiritually and feeling more love for yourself and others. Many people carry fears and confusion about emotions, and have repressed their painful emotions, which only perpetuates pain. You have to feel to heal!  Allowing yourself to process your emotions and let go of your lower frequency ego wounds, the limiting false stories and illusions, is essential to bring Light to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Your inner peace and freedom depends on this. You can reconnect to the heart of your joy again. This workshop will help you to support yourself, for your lifetime!