Unity Field Healing

Unity Field Healing is a new energy based modality to support bio-spiritual transformation. It is a consciousness based program that works through the axis of your spiritual or "Quantum DNA". It is intended to facilitate biophysical, emotional and mental healing through recalibration with your spiritual DNA system. The work was channelled through a series of visionary meditation experiences by Dr. John Ryan MD.

The energy work is performed first by bridging and strengthening the alignment with your own DNA axis in Session 1.

The work continues with an attunement to an inter dimensional light pattern termed the Unity Field Template in Session 2.

Followed by Session 3 is then provided to integrate "specific intentions" that are personal to each client, as one journeys through one's experience of healing and transformation. 


This session works to consciously develop and strengthen a restorative connection with your spiritual DNA blueprint. A fundamental energy session a deeper attunement to your own spiritual nature.


This session works to attune you to working with the light template entitled the Unity Field Healing Template through your spiritual or quantum DNA.


This session allows you to use the gift of Unity Field Healing in a specific intentional way - to address specific healing concerns or issues that arise as one progresses through consciousness and energy based healing and transformation.

What can you expect?

The work is provided in three distinct individual sessions. In person sessions are provided in the comfort of a private room, safe, calm, relaxed setting, while you lay on a massage table, fully clothed. 

Note: Many of my clients have enjoyed a PEMF Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field session before or after their in person UFH sessions. 

Susan Stephen a a qualified Unity Field Healing (UFH) practitioner trained by Dr. John Ryan, MD the originator of this program. Susan has been providing in person and virtual Unity Field Healing UFH distance sessions since October 2017. 

Contact us to book your Unity Field Healing Sessions Tel: 613-836-7901, via email: Susan@livingscience.ca

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