Relational Clearing 

What is Relational Clearing?

Relational Clearing is a new and powerful energy healing approach for quickly lifting patterns that weigh us down emotionally or physically.  It addresses the root cause of these patterns by clearing the effects of past traumas, challenging events and relationships with others that have originally created these patterns.  The result is a rapidly restored you - the real you.  A return to the physical and emotional wellbeing that is inherently within.  

Susan Stephen has been providing clinical in person and virtual distance Relational Clearing sessions since October 2017.

Experience Relational Clearing to:

     ♦Clear life-long limiting patterns and heaviness

     ♦Transform your relationships

     ♦Step into greater joy and empowerment

     ♦Shift the root cause of illness and pain

Individual sessions are so powerful in shifting away negative emotions, heaviness in relationships and limiting patterns or beliefs.  

Sessions include a comprehensive clearing of relational connections as well as the heavy energies that we collect in our field through the normal challenges of life. The change happens at the source level - where patterns are cleared directly - without the need to undergo lengthy discovery. This is followed by chakra clearing and charging. Often simple clearing of patterns can be achieved in a single session, but more complex and longstanding patterns can take several sessions to achieve permanence. 

Clients say that after a session they feel lighter, more relaxed and at peace.  Many also have sensations of pain anxiety or burdens being lifted, and insights into releasing old patterns that no longer serve them.

Susan Stephen is a Certified Relational Clearing Practitioner. Contact us to book an appointment Tel: 613-836-7901, via email:

Living Science Wellness Centre - 8A Sweetnam Drive, Suite 109, Stittsville, ON, K2S 1G2 |

This technique was developed by David Teed and Jean Wilmot having over 35 years collective experience in transformative energy work. In 2010, they began channeling the Relational Clearing technique for rapidly clearing emotional heaviness and limiting patterns.  Since then, they have been passionately sharing the Relational Clearing energy to help people to regain their sense of joy and physical well being through individual sessions, group healings, and courses.

Favourite quote~

According to energy medicine, we are all living history books. Our bodies contain our histories-every chapter, line and verse of every event and relationship in our lives. As our lives unfold, our biological health becomes a living, breathing biographical statement that conveys our strengths, weaknesses, hopes and fears. 

~ Caroline Myss 

Caroline Myss (2013). "Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing", p.40, Harmony