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Food Sensitivities are…

becoming increasingly common due to a variety of factors including our over-consumption of processed and genetically-modified foods, chronic stress, and long-term use of certain medications (e.g. heartburn medication and antibiotics) which can disrupt our digestive health. In contrast to classic food “allergies” such as peanuts allergies, food sensitivities can be harder to identify because symptoms may appear 24 to 72 hours after eating an offending food. To complicate matters, the symptoms of food sensitivities don’t always affect our digestion and may also include headaches, fatigue, skin concerns, joint pain, etc.

In order to help our patients identify both food allergies and sensitivities, we offer two options for food sensitivity testing at the clinic. The first is done by either of our Naturopathic Doctors ( Dr. Melanie Craig, ND or Dr. Karim Alami, ND). The food sensitivity that the ND does is using blood work, through a simple blood test that assesses allergies and sensitivities from 120 up to 240 foods.

Option 1: You come in and meet with the Naturopathic Doctor, they give you a requisition which you take to a lab. Dynacare or LifeLabs~ They will draw your blood there and it is sent off to the lab for analysis. The breakdown of the cost for this is $200-$249 for the initial appointment and approximately $275 for the blood test (this cost can vary if you choose to do a more comprehensive test, but the is the cost for the test that covers most people's needs). We would then schedule a follow-up meeting with the Naturopathic Doctor to discuss the results and what they mean for you ($75-$90 follow up visits). 

Option 2: Registered Nutritionist, Bruce Bonner, can also conduct food sensitivity testing here in the Living Science Wellness Centre in his office. You will come and meet with Bruce for a one-hour initial appointment ($195+hst). We would then schedule a follow-up appointment to do the testing. He uses a machine EIS that uses electric pulses to determine your sensitivities. The cost of the testing is included in the appointment cost with Bruce - so it would be $195 for a one hour session and you would need a minimum of two sessions. 

Question most often asked by clients and patients: Are these services covered by insurance?

May we suggest you check with your Insurance Company but most often the testing by the Naturopathic Doctor is covered by insurance and the testing by the Registered Nutritionist is not usually covered. As each and every plan is different, we suggest you contact your insurance provider or human resources department to determine which specific services are covered by your companies plan. 

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