Shipping Policies

We try to fill all orders within 48 hours of receipt of payment information. For orders destined within Canada, we will email you if an item is out of stock and when it is expected to arrive. Shipping and handling fees will be applied to all orders. Shipping costs are determined by the weight of the package, the destination and the method of shipment. The following shipping options are available:

Within Canada

All orders to destinations within Canada are shipped via Canada Post with regular surface mail delivery (3 to 6 days). The following shipping rates apply:

Packages under 1kg or $100 cost $20.00 (plus applicable taxes)

Packages 1kg – 3.5kg cost $20.00 (plus applicable taxes)

Packages over $250 will receive a quote


Canada Post has improved the level of service to the USA. The new Expedited service has replaced “surface mail” and shortened the delivery time from 3 to 5 weeks down to 7 – 10 days. For shipments to the USA, the following rates apply:

Packages under 1kg will receive a quote

Packages over 1kg will receive a quote

All orders to Continental U.S. destinations are shipped via Canada Post. Most packages We will quote shipping costs on packages over 1 kg (2.2 lbs) on an individual basis. Shipping time can be affected by the efficiency of border customs officials.

Overseas International

We will quote all shipping outside of North America by e-mail. Sorry but we no longer ship International orders by surface mail because many times the orders don’t arrive. As a guide parcels that weigh up to 1kg will ship for $30.00 CAD for air mail delivery. Delivery time depends on destination but allow about 2 to 3 weeks for air mail.

Shipping Policies