What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique whereby the person who has been attuned to the reiki energy acts as a conduit and transmits energy through their hands to another person. This is done by placing the hands in a series of positions either on or slightly above the body. Reiki activates the natural healing process of the body and helps restore physical and emotional well being. It promotes balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a healing modality and in recent years has been adopted in palliative care units and hospitals. It is a complimentary therapy that promotes energy to flow freely through the chakras, removing blocks that create pain and uneasiness.Usui-Reiki-Linda-Grossi-certification-LSWC-Ottawa

What does reiki do?

This is but a short list of how reiki physically impacts the body.

  1. Strengthens immune system.
  2. Balances the chakras.
  3. Eases stress, depression and anxiety.
  4. Speeds recovery from surgical and medical procedures.
  5. Helps the body eliminate toxins faster and more efficiently.
  6. Helps with pain management.
  7. Reduces side effects of medications and drugs.
  8. Improves energy.
  9. Helps with weight loss.
  10. Improves sleep.

This is a short list! There are no limits to what reiki can do!

Want to learn more?

Linda-Grossi-LSWC-Reiki-Ottawa-Kanata-StittsvilleLinda Grossi is offering a Usui Reiki Course Part 1 and Part 2 at Living Science Wellness Centre.

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Reiki has been a part of my life for the last seventeen years.

I became interested in reiki when a friend of mine suffered a very serious heart attack at age 37! That was 25 years ago now! He was in considerable pain and spent over a month in Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. One evening, a nurse who was working the night shift asked my friend if she could give him reiki to help relieve his pain and anxiety. We had no idea what reiki was at the time but reiki is the only thing that made a difference in his pain management and aided in his complete recovery! The rest is history. Soon after that I received my first and second Usui Reiki degrees and I became a reiki master of Usui Reiki in 2007.

I have done reiki on hundreds of people.  With Reiki I have seen firsthand just how much it helps people manage cancer pain, back pain, emotional distress, anxiety and a host of other conditions and ailments. I believe in reiki and use it as an integral part of my own life. In November 2014 I had knee surgery and treated myself with reiki both pre and post surgery. It helped speed my healing and recovery. Last year I took a terrible fall and tore the rotator cuff and bicep head of my left shoulder/arm. I got through the pain and recovered with the help of several healing modalities and reiki! I practice reiki here in Canada and in Florence Italy where I belong to a reiki community.

I not only do reiki but I am a firm believer in all energy healing modalities. I recently became involved with Solfeggio & Fibonacci tuning forks which I believe to be wonderful tools for people on the spiritual path. I have personally experienced many types of healing modalities such as IET, Angel Therapy, Shamanic healing, Huna, Body Talk, to name just a few.  What I love about Reiki however is that, it is at the base of everything! It’s the proverbial starting point of many other healing modalities and as such, it can be combined so easily and effectively with all other modalities.

I was thrilled to discover the wonderful people at Living Science Wellness Centre!  I believe they are very advanced in their approach to wellness and energy. Bruce Bonner has an incredible team of people working at his facility. I have found great benefit in getting help here.

I love reiki, I love energy work and I enjoy sharing my experiences with people. Reiki and all healing modalities are beautiful and though I strongly encourage everyone to try any modality at least once, Reiki is my absolute favourite!  In love and light!

Linda Grossi