Walking a path to wellness

Walking a path to wellness

When you walk a path to wellness

Ah the great outdoors. A simple walk is just enough to recharge your battery. Walking a path to wellness can be a wonderful way to welcome the fall season or any season. Grab a friend for company and find a new trail to explore. Some of the scenery will be spectacular and very unexpected as was the sky a few weeks back. The fluffy pink clouds in the sky takes your breath away with the incredible beauty and vibrant colours. An artist’s pallet in the sky just wanting for a frame.

Within a few minutes you are transformed by the sights, sounds, smells and beauty. Like a scene from a movie, only it’s a moment in your life. A moment in time carved out just for you and your thoughts.

The sunsets are spectacular this time of year… the feature photo was taken just as the sun was setting in the corn fields near our home in Richmond, ON.

Bruce Bonner walking his English Pointer LSWC


Farmers fields row upon row of golden yellow corn stalks ready for harvesting.

Leaves falling off the trees and crunching beneath your feet. Now there’s a sound I never get tired of hearing.

Crisp fall air with a few last glimpses of summer. A dew on the grass in the morning.

Fall flowers, mums bursting with autumnal colours.

Nature is filled with beauty and bounty as the seasons change.

Squirrels scurrying to hide their nourishment in preparation for the winter weather.


Time to take the patio furniture in for the season. Clean up the yard, till the garden soil,  trim the trees.

Wrap the shrubs as frost is starting to glisten in the early mornings after the foggy patches from the warm air colliding with the cooler air.

Rake the leaves into a huge pile and jump into them! Laughter is great medicine. And exercise soothes the soul.

Baked apples, warm soups, stuffed acorn squash and stews are just a few of the bountiful dishes to enjoy when the temperatures start to dip.

Something as simple as a walk, leisurely stroll,  can be just what the body, mind and soul need for a welcomed path to wellness.

Bruce enjoys walking a path to wellness with his English Pointer.