Tonya Hache

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Tonya Hache

Tonya loves learning about health and wellness.  She has made many changes over the years to how her family lives and eats and now thrives on a more whole foods plant-based diet.  She enjoys making her own pure back-to-basic products, using no chemicals in her home, and bringing her daughter up as naturally as possible.  She also loves growing her own sprouts and micro greens at home for her family’s green smoothies and salads; and juicing her own fruit and veggie juices.  She believes that plants are very healing!  She loves being outside and enjoys dog walks with her family and their Sheltie.

She looks forward to welcoming you at Living Science Wellness Centre and being a part of your healing and healthy future.

Articles by Tonya Hache

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Tonya Hache is Available for customer service and appointment bookings:

  • Monday – Friday