Susan Stephen

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Susan Stephen

VP Living Science Wellness Centre, Business Transformation Advisor, Mind Body Spirit & Business Coach, UFH Unity Field Healing Practitioner, Relational Clearing Practitioner

Susan is a graduate of the Relational Clearing Mastery Program. Offering private Relational Clearing Sessions in person and remotely. Relational Clearing Technique  (RCT) A new and powerful modality developed by David Teed and Jean Wilmot for quickly removing blockages and emotional heaviness.

In addition Susan is a Unity Field Healing (UFH) Practitioner certified by Dr. John Ryan MD. Individual UFH Sessions are available in person and remotely. Energy-based healing and bio-spiritual transformative techniques including Unity Field Healing promote harmony and balance to support the body’s ability to heal.

As a Business Coach Susan strategizes with clients in order to bridge the gap between challenges and successes.

A skilled professional with over 30 years of marketing, sales, operations, innovation, product development and project management. Some may say Susan is in the “people business”.

Her passion is cultivating happiness in business, people and life.

She loves blogging for Veeva™ as one of the happiness ambassadors. Looking for inspiration with regards to anxiety, sleep and stress?  Follow me as the Veeva™ ~ Happiness Imaginista.

And a new series of blogs The Science of Wellness: Eat-Live-Love for Wellings of Stittsville a new concept in 55+ Living.

Susan enjoys long walks in nature with her husband of 24 years Bruce Bonner along with their English Pointer Drifter. She likes travelling and shopping at local farmers markets, Gardening, Theme Parties and Living a healthy lifestyle while spending time with friends.


  • Business Transformation Advisor
  • Mind Body Spirit Coaching
  • Lifestyle & Business Coach
  • Relational Clearing Sessions
  • Unity Field Healing Sessions
  • Vibrational Sound Therapy – Tuning Forks
  • Event Management
  • Trade Show/Event Planner


Description Length Fee
Life/Business Coaching Session – Individual in person or remotely 1 hour $120.00
Relational Clearing Session –Individual in person or remotely 1 hour $80.00
Unity Field Healing (UFH) Sessions – Individual in person or remotely 1 hour $80.00


Interested in booking the Living Science  Wellness Centre for your group meeting, event, lunch & learn, dinner training contact Susan directly for pricing and availability.Book-Events-Susan-Stephen-LSWC-Ottawa


Need a keynote speaker for your next health & wellness event? Contact Susan for the availability of one of our expert practitioners to attend your next conference, event, seminar or corporate function.Bruce-Bonner-Kathie-Donovan-RYP-LSWC

Susan’s Articles

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Susan Stephen is available the following days/times for appointments

  • Monday 9:00AM – 4:00PM
  • Tuesday 9:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Wednesday 9:00AM – 5:00PM
  • Thursday 9:00AM – 4:00PM
  • Friday 9:00AM – 5:00PM