Progressive Complete Calcium Adult Women

Progressive Complete Calcium Adult Women



Progressive Complete Calcium Adult Women

Offensive and Defensive – It’s hard for us to consume a sufficient amount of calcium because it’s so easily depleted from our bodies. Factors that contribute to calcium depletion include age, stress, hormonal imbalances, environmental pollutants, nutrient depleted farmlands and, most of all, a diet of highly refined processed foods.

Picture a full cup with a hole in the bottom. Traditional calcium supplements act offensively, trying to keep the cup full. Progressive products not only work to meet your calcium needs, they also work defensively against the depletion of your existing calcium stores, patching then “leaky cup” so you can get the greatest possible benefit.

Age and Gender Specific

Age Specific – Women’s calcium requirements change significantly as they age. For example, postmenopausal women, due to their reduced estrogen production, experience an increased vulnerability to osteoporosis, losing up to 5% of their bone mass each year.

Gender Specific – Men and women have different calcium needs. Progressive Complete Calcium for Adult Women take these differences into careful consideration by customizing the selection of vitamins, minerals and complementary nutrients to better suit gender specific requirements.

Divided Dose – Although traditional calcium supplements have typically been taken once a day, a single large mega dose actually impairs the body’s ability to absorb and use calcium. The best strategy is to take a moderate potency more frequently to ensure through absorption, uptake and retention.


Multiple Calcium Sources

Green Food Concentrates

Wakame & Indole-3

Grape Seed Extract

D3, Flax & Silica

Gluten Free


Complete Calcium – Adult Women
* Promotes healthy bones, skin, teeth and gums
* Helps to balance pH and fight against calcium excretion
* Supports proper muscle function

Format: Capsules Sizes 60 & 120

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