Self Care Hot Stone Massage

Self Care Hot Stone Massage

Self Care Hot Stone Massage

Are you looking for relaxation?

hot-stone-massage-shirely-keith-lswcDo you have tired, sore, aching muscles?

Is tension in your neck and shoulders keeping you from doing the things you love to do?

We have a solution that may be just what you knead to start feeling great again and getting back to feeling like you have renewed energy along with loads of vitality.

Inquire about a Hot Stone Massage with registered massage therapist Shirley Keith RMT and see if it is right for you. The warmed lava stones are used to massage your skin. The heat penetrates and warms the muscles to loosen tension. Soon you’ll start to feel calmer, more relaxed, rejuvenated and stress melts away.

 Hot-stone-massage-lswc-ottawaHot stones ease tension layers deep.

Perhaps you have started a new exercise regime and your muscles are feeling tight. Hot stone therapeutic massage can be rewarding to lessen the impact from exercise.

Leg cramps, tight calf muscles, sore feet, arches tender, hot stone massage may improve circulatory problems.

Suffer from migraines? Tension headaches? Warm stones applied in a therapeutic technique by an RMT may provide some relief to your suffering.

Shirley Keith RMT knows from her 16 years of experience exactly how to place the hot stones.

Shirley offers many different types of massage including: Visceral, Craniosacral, and Hot Stone Massage Therapy, call us today to book your appointment and start enjoying the many benefits of massage therapy for self care.