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Ravinder-Tracey Roberts Dunsmoor

Penetrate the Cosmos: Alchemy of Love, Light, Soul & Spirit

Wisdom Winder, Intelligent Multidimensional Energy Healer/Medium, Wayshower

Tracey demonstrates how unconditional love can operate in this world of ours and causes wisdom to swirl around people so it gets a place to be applied and demonstrated.

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away~

Ravinder is an energy and consciousness based mentor who is ready to help you on your path.
Ravinder’s work today derives from the culmination of a life of experience and great challenge – a life tailored to evoke the spiritual strength and wisdom that is infused in her healing and mentoring support.  Learning to live with a very rare neurological and cardiac congenital birth defect and overcoming experiences of over 8 years of child sexual abuse – Ravinder was provided an early initiation into the world of both traditional and non traditional healing. Living as a single mother of 3 with her youngest child being autistic – her life has provided a tremendous foundation to understand the healer’s journey.
Ravinder understands today that all these lessons and experiences in her life are a demonstration of a Soul’s resilience and perseverance nurtured through humility and grace.  Despite the challenging nature of her life experience, Ravinder has always known that life is a spiritual journey and has been deeply supported by spiritual awareness in many forms. Ravinder has always felt the presence of Angels, Ascended Masters and Guides and has always communicated with them. From and early age, Tracey has held an innate understanding of spiritual teachings and laws such as those found in the Vedas, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Paganism, and other spiritual traditions.  Impassioned by spiritual wisdom, she has studied all her life in disciplines such as herbalism, sexual alchemy, sound healing, Kundalini yoga, Mindfulness, Ayurvedic Medicine, Nutrition, the Kabbalah and Shamanism just to name a few.
Ravinder  sees her role today as an “energy mentor” – able to meet you wherever you are on your journey. Through table sessions and exchange, Ravinder is here to help you on your path.  Her clientele include seasoned healers and gifted teachers who are looking to widen, deepen and shift their beliefs and perspectives. Ravinder travels with you in unraveling and putting to personal questions which may include –
Who am I?
Why am I here?
Where am I going?
What is my life’s purpose?
When people discover the truth as to their own divinity and then continue on their journeys with refreshing perspective, clarity and certainty, exciting things begin to happen. Things once thought to be “coincidence” suddenly take on new meanings, also reflecting an order in things . Miracles begin to be expected. Peace and harmony become the routine of the day, replacing chaos, harm, and negativity with flow.
Ravinder understands that personal transformation is a process of awakening to the divinity we each carry within us.  Witnessing and holding space for one’s self-realization is of the highest privilege and honour.  She delights to see her clients life take on deeper meaning and centre in wellbeing, peace and joy. If you are open and inspired to receive these ancient yet timeless truths so as to apply them in your life, get in touch!


Channeled Energy-Infused Bracelet with Astro-Numerology Reading

Ravinder – Tracey connects with your Soul and the blueprint of Who You Are and creates a piece to realign, balance and harmonize that Re-membrance. You will receive a printed reading about your major life lessons, the gifts you came here with, how the world sees you, and your life path.

Intelligent Multidimensional Energy Healing with Messages

Ravinder – Tracey opens your heart to the re-membrance and utilization of Source Light for your Self and others. She works with the individual’s energy to help them re-member their own Perfection, Wholeness, and Oneness in Creator’s Energy. She clears, balances, aligns and harmonizes your chakras, meridians, aura and mental/emotional/physical and spiritual (etheric) bodies with the blueprint of Who You Are and anchors You into the crystalline core of Gaia.


Awaken the Master Within: Journey Within to Learn the Magic and Truths of the Ancients Series

Attend in sequence or individually

  1. Body testing and Pendulums
  2. Empaths, the 4 Clairs and Crystal Medicine
  3. Guiding Beliefs for the Lightworkers of the World
  4. Basic Concepts of Transformation
  5. Ascended Masters
  6. Starseeds, Star Helpers and Earthling Souls
  7. Reincarnation and Karma: Tests of Initiation
  8. Human Energy Systems: the g bodies,  the Sephiroth, Tree of Life, Kabbalah, Chakras, Hara etc.
  9. The Fifth Dimension
  10. Intro to the Universal Laws and Energy as the Foundation for the Universal Laws
  11. The Universal Laws: Truth and Self-realization
  12. Personal Transformation and the Sub-Laws of the Universe
  13. Meditation, Prayer, Affirmations and Abundance
  14. Discernment and the Power of Forgiveness
  15. Joining Forces with the Celestial Hierarchy

Questions? Contact Ravinder Tracey Roberts Dunsmoor directly via email: Ravinder@livingscience.ca


Description Length Fee
Channeled Energy-Infused Bracelet with Astro-Numerology Reading 45mins-1 hour $60
Intelligent Multidimensional Energy Healing with Messages 90 minutes $125
 Channeled Energy Infused Bracelet – Various unique designs  $20-$40

What clients are saying:

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I’ve been a client and student of Tracey’s since 2014. Tracey can help us see beyond our socially constructed masks, and protective walls to rediscover our true essence.Her work as a multi-dimensional healer has been incredibly transformative for me. This work transcends time and space, and is equally esoteric and practical.
As a teacher, Tracey is thorough and always goes out of her way to ensure understanding. She brings light-heartedness, compassion, and a sense of humour to everything she does.
Tracey is a brilliant healer, as powerful as she is humble, and I highly recommend working with her to anyone seeking deep, lasting transformation.
Josh K, Ottawa ON
I recently had the honour of experiencing an energy session with Tracey.  As the session began, I immediately experienced the opening of very profound energetic space and the influx of a beautiful healing energy.  It was like a liquid fire – that was extremely nurturing and palpably transformative.  Tracey creates a magnificent healing space – where you can palpably feel the presence of your soul.  Her work is a gift!  It is highly intuitive and spiritually supported – a true blessing to anyone seeking support in their life or healing journey.
John Ryan, Ottawa ON
Sometimes we need a little help in life. Things come at us too fast, our thoughts spin, and we feel overwhelmed. Or we simply have no idea which direction to head next. I was there, and so I booked an appointment with Ravinder. I was amazed at what I got. This lady has many gifts, in that she has the ability to see and hear through different sources. She pulls the messages she receives forward as each new topic comes up and releases/delivers them to her client. There was no judgement, just the message as it pertained to me, in response to what area of my life I was asking about at the time. And it did help me. It helped a lot! I was in deep turmoil before speaking with her, and now I have so much more peace. I also have a better sense of direction. Did she tell me exactly where to go and what to do? No, as the choice is always up to me. She did tell me what was being suggested, though, to bring me closer to happiness and the things that I want and need. Through the experience I learned how to better listen to what my own soul is trying to tell me, as well, and learned that I am not as alone as I thought. Honestly, I cannot recommend Ravinder enough. She is amazing!!!!!
Ciara, Ottawa, ON

Ravinder Tracey Roberts Dunsmoor