Organic Carrots from the Ground to the Dinner Table

Organic Carrots from the Ground to the Dinner Table

Organic Carrots from the Ground to the Dinner Table

Every fall we look forward to our bounty of fresh grown carrots from a tiny seed to a beautiful orange and green delight. Brush off the soil and take a big bite. The sweetness is a pleasant surprise. Great crunch and when sliced into planks they are the perfect dipper for roasted beet hummus, avocado guacamole, or  chutney. Organic carrots from the ground to the dinner table are a splendid autumnal pop of colour.

Pickling & Preserving


This fall my Mom is in town visiting from beautiful Cape Breton, NS and wants to keep busy. She is looking for something to do and saw all the carrots and beets in our garden are bursting to be picked. A trip to the grocery store for mason jars, vinegar, pickling spices and she is ready to pickle the beets and blanch the carrots so we can fill the freezer.

In a few short months we will be craving a freshly picked carrot. Our soups and stews will be more delicious due to the care and love that went into preparing them. Even the dill is harvested dried and ready so it can be added for a pinch of dill garnishing a warm bowl of carrot soup. This Organic Carrot Soup recipe has been prepared for large groups in the Living Science Wellness Centre Kitchen and may be made for many with dietary requirements such as  vegan, vegetarian  by changing the broth.

Hostess Gift Tips

The jars of freshly picked Organic Beets are lovely and we will enjoy them well into the fall and winter (if they last that long). Remember you can eat the beet tops too! Steamed beet greens are full of nutrients, drizzle with coconut oil or butter, sea salt and pepper. They make a great side dish very colourful and oh so good for you. A wonderful delicious, nutritious and seasonal hostess gift for Thanksgiving dinner to enjoy this year with friends. Tip: instead of flowers bring a beautiful bouquet of organic carrots or beets with a recipe attached.

Canning and preserving has been around for years. And most of our ancestors preserved their bounty in cold cellars. Or as my Mom told us they used sawdust and ice in wooden crates to keep the root vegetables from spoiling. Keep the dirt on the potatoes until you are ready to use them. As the fresh crisp fall air is upon us we are ready to nourish our bodies with comfort foods. Fall is the perfect time of year to visit a farmers market and pick up all the ingredients you need to make a delicious pot of soup.

Enjoy Organic Carrots and Organic Beets all year long!