Non-toxic Living: What do you clean your home with?

Non-toxic Living: What do you clean your home with?

Non-toxic Living: What do you clean your home with?

Clean your home in a fresh healthier way thanks to a few tips…Who grew up with bottles of bleach sitting under their sink? I sure did! Nowadays, as we are becoming more aware of the detrimental effects of our staple cleaning products (like bleach), companies are developing much safer alternatives for us to clean our homes with. Thank goodness! However, it is just as easy to whip up your own cleaning product at home. Grab an empty spray bottle and you can make your own non-toxic cleaning spray in just a couple of minutes.

Aromahead Institute created this recipe and it works (and smells) great! You can use this spray on countertops, desks, sinks, tile, and more.

Cleaning Spray Recipe

What you need:

4 oz spray bottle
4 oz distilled water
8 drops Tea Tree essential oil
8 drops Lemon essential oil
5 drops Lavender essential Oil


Combine your ingredients in the bottle, shake well, and spray! Make sure you shake it before use, as the oils and water can separate.

Refill at the the ready! Make ahead and have onhand. For more convenience, you can create your own essential oil cleaning “blend” by using a repurposed essential oil bottle and combine 80 drops of tea tree, 80 drops of lemon, and 50 drops of lavender. Simply add 20-25 drops to your cleaning spray bottle, top up the distilled water, whenever needed.

Happy Cleaning!

Thanks to Josie M for sharing this household tip that works great in and around the home, office, wellness centre or car.