Naturally Boosting Our Immune System with Plants

Naturally Boosting Our Immune System with Plants

Naturally Boosting Our Immune System…with Plants!

Fall weather is heading our way, which usually brings colds, sniffles, and flus once again.  Colds and flus visit us and spread quickly when seasons change, especially when the air is cold and dry.  Children are back to school and amongst each other once again, and we tend to stay inside more in closer quarters than being outside as much as we did in the Summertime.  Some of the reasons why the cold and flu season is noticed more in the Fall and our immune system needs a boost.

So, let’s take charge of our health and feel stronger inside this season.  Let’s feed our bodies the green healing power that plants so willingly give!

Here are some at-home ideas plants can help our immune system this Fall:



Juicing is a powerful tool for giving your body an all-natural healing medicine and the energy you need to fuel your days.  The Netflix documentary movie, “Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead” (Part 1 and 2) is what got my husband and I started on our juicing journey, including juices in our regular daily diet, for the last six years.  So many have witnessed how juicing has healed their ailments and diseases.

Juices allow you to consume more vegetables and fruits efficiently.  Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream when you drink a juice because the gut doesn’t have to digest so much fiber.  Juices are also a brain booster, great for detox, a disease preventative, plus boosting up that immune system!

Growing Microgreens

Growing baby plants is a great way to continue gardening through our cold winter; you can garden indoors and put plant trays by a sunny window.  It’s a super simple task, organic soil with organic seeds (we love Mumm’s Seeds), and spraying water on the seeds and soil once a day, then watch them grow!

Microgreens are the easiest homegrown organic superfood.  They are young vegetable baby plants that haven’t reached full grown maturity.  Microgreens are packed with nutrition! They have potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and copper also a great source of beneficial plant compounds like antioxidants.  They have all the vitamins and minerals a full-size vegetable contains; their nutrient content is highly concentrated. So, imagine if you ate 50 little broccoli microgreen plants on your salad, that is like consuming all the nutrients from 50 mature broccoli heads!Microgreens-growing-plant-trays-immune-system-Tonya-Hache-LSWC-Ottawa

We leave them live on the plant until we are ready to eat them, we then cut them fresh off our indoor garden tray and consume them right away on our salad, in a smoothie or juice, or in a sandwich.

Even our daughter loves gardening indoor microgreens through the winter with us. What a great healthy learning experience for the whole family to participate in.


Sprouting is the plant stage before it reaches microgreens.  Sprouts are the first plant stage, the germinated seeds. They have the same high nutrient rich content as microgreens.  When soaking seeds, nuts, rice, or beans (legumes) in water or a damp environment, before consuming, the seed’s outer layer breaks open and allows the young plant shoot to blossom; this is where all the plant’s nutrients are easily accessed!  The seed holds a protective shell to survive until it’s ready to sprout and grow, so germinating the seed allows these enzyme inhibitors to break open and start the plant process, thus being able to consume all it’s full concentrated nutrients!

sprouts-in-3-tier-trays-finished-growing-Tonya-Hache-immune-system-Tonya-Hache-lswc-ottawNutritional gurus and naturopaths call sprouts the earth’s medicine to heal.  Sprouts are rich in vitamin A, antioxidants, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, it boosts blood supply, corrects hormonal imbalances, it’s a skin protector, helps in cell regeneration, stimulates collagen production, detoxifies the system, improves digestion, boosts metabolism, improves heart health, and of course boosts the immune system!  The list is super long for all the super healing power sprouting gives!

Soak your nuts, seeds, rice, and beans before consumption.  Let seeds sit to germinate to a mini plant so all that goodness inside the seed comes out for your body’s use!

Homemade Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage with lots of healthy benefits.  Fermentation is one of the methods used to keep foods from spoiling quickly, a way to store harvest through the winter.  Sauerkraut fermentation creates conditions that promote the growth of beneficial probiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that give powerful health benefits; they also make foods more digestible. There are many European countries that include a big spoonful of sauerkraut with each meal as it helps the gut to digest their food properly while providing all the benefits of daily probiotics!


Sauerkraut is a huge immune system helper as well.  The bacteria that populate your gut can have a strong influence on your immune system.  The probiotics in fermented foods improve the balance of bacteria in your gut which then keeps your gut lining healthy.  A stronger gut lining helps prevent unwanted substances from leaking in your body and causing an immune system response. Maintaining a healthy gut flora helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and many even boost the natural antibodies. So, in turn, eating fermented foods may reduce risk of developing infections like the common cold.  Even if you do get sick, eating probiotic-rich foods can help you recover faster, giving your gut the good bacteria it needs to fight off the “bad guys” quicker.

More to come

Your immune system is amazing; when it’s exposed to something that could potentially be harmful, it kicks into action, providing a defence against infectious organisms and invaders.

Healthy immune function starts with what you feed your body.  Plant foods are anti-inflammatory and very healing, helping your body move to the health and wellness goals that make you feel great and energized.

Let’s include more plants, fruits and vegetables in our daily diets this Fall, to boost our body’s functions so we can feel at our best this season.

I am always ever so grateful to how plants give their healing powers to us as a free gift of taking whenever we need them.

More to come, as I will blog my step by step processes on how our family juices, grows microgreens and sprouts, and makes our homemade sauerkraut, so that you are free to join us on the Plant Power Path!

Author-Tonya Haché