In the last blog post we talked about how juicing can give you so many benefits, the nutrients packed in a glass of juice is like drinking Mother Nature’s medicine for the body!

A load of vitamins and enzymes come from raw vegetables and fruits that our bodies need.  All these vitamins and enzymes are immediately absorbed into your bloodstream when you drink a fresh juice.

Drinking a fresh juice boosts your mental alertness, it’s an energizer, improves blood circulation, a great detox, a disease preventative, and it boosts the immune system.

We learned a lot about juicing from Joe Cross’  “Reboot” journey in his documentaries, “Fat, Sick, Nearly Dead”

Juicing-Breville-Juicer-Tonya-Hache-LSWC-OttawaLet’s start juicing;  here are some simple steps that we can all do at home to drink power-packed plant medicine!

Find a Juicer that works for you.  In these photos, at home, we use the Breville Juicer.

Grocery shop for your fruits and vegetables.  There are many juicing recipes online reboot with joe Juicing-prepare-organic-fruit-vegetables-LSWC-Ottawa that you can choose from, or you can experiment at home, see what fruits/veggies will go well with you and your body.  My husband and I have been juicing for a quite a few years, we put whatever fruits and veggies we have in the fridge into a juice.  I buy specific ones to make sure we always have it in our juice, like kale and spinach and apples, then whatever is left in the fridge at the end of the week we juice!  We save all our broccoli stems, pineapple cores, all the odd celery pieces, and any melons that have gone a bit too soft, and we just juice them all!

Washing Instructions:


Wash all the produce thoroughly before juicing.  We fill up our sink with the produce in a water bath and use baking soda and vinegar to wash our produce.  We just sprinkle baking soda all over and spill some vinegar in to make a fizzy cleaning bath to clean all the dirt and pesticides off the fruit and vegetables.  Then a good rinse will have them all ready to go.


If apples are too big, cut them up in halves or quarters, no need to take the core or seeds out, you can juice the whole thing!  No need to peel carrots or cucumbers as well.  If you are using citrus fruits or melons, you will need to peel the peels off them and remove the rinds.  Have them cut into sizes that will fit into the juicer.

Then juice away!  As your pitcher fills up, stop the juicer and pour into jars or glasses you have on hand, and also watch your juicer’s waste bin.  As the fiber is removed the bin will fill up, empty as you go along.  If your pulp is still wet and juicy in your bin, you can feed it through your juicer again to get even more of the juice out.  There are many recipes online on how to use your pulp.  For instance, I have made a carrot juice before, and I used the carrot pulp in a muffin recipe to make carrot muffins!


Storing Juice:

Once you have your jars filled, drink a juice right away for optimal active healing medicine!  Store leftover juice jars in the refrigerator, but make sure you consume the juices within 48 hours to get the full enzyme power, it starts to lose nutritional value overtime.

Next would be to clean your juicer with warm soapy water and gently scrub the filter clean with a scrub brush, let it all to air dry and you’re done!

That is how you make your own at home healing juice!  The power of plants will amaze you!


Continue the Plant Power Path journey with me as our next post will be about growing Microgreen plants at home!

Author-Tonya HachéJuicing-Tonya-Hache-LSWC-Ottawa-Kanata-Stittsville