Flu prevention naturally

Flu prevention naturally

What are Some Natural Ways to Boost Immunity and Prevent Flu?

It’s that time of year. Flu spreads like wildfire and you want to avoid catching what seems to be bringing everyone down around you. What are some good remedies to boost immunity and prevent having to endure a head full of congestion or sprints to the toilet? Here are a few ways you can prevent flu or give your immune system a jump start. Flu prevention naturally with IV nutrient therapy to help build a strong immune system and ward off the flu bug.

Flu Prevention Naturally


Vitamin C:

Consume plenty of vitamin C rich foods such as kiwi, green peppers, or oranges. Or, consider taking a vitamin C supplement throughout the flu season.  Vitamin C enhances your body’s ability to fend off pathogens, and is a great addition to your anti-flu kit.


Zinc is a crucial nutrient that impacts immunity. Zinc deficiency is common and consuming more throughout the winter months may help fend off those unwanted pathogens. Foods that are rich in zinc include beef, spinach, and pumpkin seeds.

Oil of Oregano:

When you start to feel that tickle in your throat or signs of a cold or flu approaching, reach for your bottle of oil of oregano. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties that are perfect for when your system is under attack.

Vitamin D:


Optimize vitamin D. In a climate like ours, becoming deficient in vitamin D is common. Vitamin D deficiency is linked with increased susceptibility to infection. Increasing your vitamin D in the winter months using supplementation is always a good idea.


The simple act of washing your hands properly and more often will help prevent you from getting sick. Make sure to scrub under your nails and get a good lather going! This seems obvious but proper hygiene is important to keep those germs at bay.

 IV nutrient therapy:

IV nutrient therapy is when vitamin, minerals and amino acids are injected directly into the bloodstream, where they bypass the stomach and are therefore 100% absorbed and utilized by the cells.  Most people notice an improvement in mood, and energy immediately after the treatment. Flu prevention naturally with an Immune Booster: Give your immune system a boost with a healthy dose of vitamin C, zinc, and selenium.

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Wishing you all the good health in 2018!

Author- Jessica Hawkes