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Women’s Wellness Hormone Series Part 3





Presented by Dr. Melanie Craig, ND


Part 3: The Next Step

*Hormone testing options (blood, saliva and urine)

*How to know WHEN it’s time to test vs guess

*Naturopathic treatment options including key supplements, herbs, and more!

When: Wednesday December 4th, 2019

Time: 7pm-8pm

Location: Living Science Wellness Centre in the Seminar Room

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Join Dr. Melanie Craig, ND for part 3 of the Women’s Wellness Hormone Series – The Next Step. This is where we go over all the different testing options from blood to saliva to urine. We’ll talk about what information each test will provide, and how to know WHEN you should be testing instead of guessing. We’ll also touch on some key naturopathic treatment options from supplements to herbs and more. **Note that this is for educational purposes only and supplements should not be taken without recommendation from your healthcare provider.

Light refreshments/snacks will be served.