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Women’s Wellness Hormone Series Part 1





Presented by Dr. Melanie Craig, ND


Part 1: Hormones 101

*Learn the function of 5 main hormones in women’s health

*How to recognize a hormonal imbalance

*Which hormones might be contributing to your symptoms

*Most common hormone myths busted

When: Wednesday November 6th, 2019

Time: 7pm-8pm

Location: Living Science Wellness Centre in the Seminar Room

Please Register at eventbrite.ca : Women’s Wellness Hormone Series

Join Dr. Melanie Craig, ND to learn the basics of 5 main hormones involved in women’s health: Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Thyroid and Cortisol. You’ll learn how and where they are made, what their main functions are, and what symptoms might arise when they are out of balance. We’ll bust some common hormone myths and end the evening with a Q&A!

Light refreshments/snacks will be served.