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Session 2 – Clean Slate – Clearing clutter in a realistic way…

How clutter speaks to us and it steals our energy.

Presented by: Mardi Skuce and Susan Stephen

We’ve created a series of Four Enlightened Sessions “mini workshops” to tantalize your taste buds for design, home interiors, retreats, fun, food, furnishings, fashion and freebies with lots of colour and style. We hope you will enjoy tonights workshop and leave with a feeling of rejuvenation in both your home and body. Ready for a clean slate.

Learn different types of clutter: noise, stuff, visual, colour, light, learn what you really love…

  • Clutter vs objects with meaning
  • Organizing your spaces
  • Visual overload
  • Lighting
  • Inside body-outside body

Takeaways: Clearing the decks for your new space!

Gifts: lots of freebies, mindful goodies, to get you started on your own. Tools to declutter, organizing tips, cleaning, energizing, bringing good energy back into the space. Yummy light treats & refreshments will be provided.

You will feel inspired to create your very own Retreat called home…

Session 2 – Participation Fee: $75.00

Location: Living Science Wellness Centre, Unit 25, Stittsville, Ontario, K2S 1E7

Registration required Call 613-836-7901 or email: Susan@livingscience.ca

Get rid of the clutter and you just might find that it was blocking the door you’ve been looking for~Katrina Mayer

SAVE The Dates: Additionally we have a few more upcoming sessions you may be interested in attending…

Thursday August 22 MY STYLE, Developing my unique, personal home style.  6:30pm-8pm $75

Saturday August 24 MASTERCLASS RETREAT Called Home, Limited to 10 participants 9am-4pm $375 early bird register by Aug.15.’19 ($450)

A tidbit about us…


Mardi Skuce works professionally in various aspects of the field of Interior Design and has since 1985. She has worked in Corporate, Hi-tech, Retail and Residential design.

She worked with Susan and Bruce developing the concepts for the Living Science Wellness Centre. Specifically space utilization, planning concepts and colour. 

She loves gardening, watercolour and oil painting, fixing up her old house and anything to do with Tarot or Oracle cards.


Susan Stephen worked with Interior designers and met Mardi at RD VanLeeuwen Boomkamp Ltd & Zip International where they collaborated on several design projects. A few years later they would work together again in the Ikea Business & Ikea Kitchen design studios, merchandising, home furnishing, accents, accessories displays. Susan’s design skill extended to graphic and fashion apparel at 35 College and University bookstores across Canada and the US.

Susan’s passion for furniture and colour along with accessories, fun and food is visible in the Living Science Wellness Centre.  As an energy medicine practitioner she uses Vibrational Sound Therapy with tuning forks to balance the body, mind and spirit. And creates mouthwatering eye appealing, colourful “Sulutions” healthy prepared meals to go for all dietary requirements in consultation with her husband Nutritionist Bruce Bonner.