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Refresh your Passion

Refresh your Passion is back with a super charged day of conversation and networking to help you open the door to the prosperity and abundance you deserve.

Learn from our 6 expert speakers!


Q & A with Bruce Bonner & Kathie Donovan

A value packed day of personal and professional development.

Living-Science-Wellness-Centre-Complete-Collagen-demo-refresh-your-passion-OttawaDemo of Complete Collagen at the LSWC booth and Great Prizes too!

Get in on the conversation! Unlock and unblock what could be holding you back from living your life fully.

Bring your questions; we’re getting even more interactive.

Introduce yourself to like-minded people in our network of high achievers when it comes to feeling good.

Discover products and services in our marketplace that will enhance your life, lift your mood and save you time and money.

Our Expert Speakers:

Bruce Bonner Nutrition Consultant

These days, people complain that they don’t have enough energy. Many people are depleted and some are running on empty.

Find out how good nutrition and good self-care habits will set you up with abundant energy to live and love the life you truly deserve.

Be sure to come to the Living Science Wellness Centre Booth to try a sample of the New Complete Collagen™ ➼ Mend & repair so you can move with ease. It comes in 3 flavours: Citrus Twist, Tropical Breeze, and Unflavoured.

Kathie DonovanAuthor, Speaker, Trainer, Broadcaster

Abundance is more than money and stuff! Imagine knowing that you are enough exactly as you are, without those things. Explore how the conditioned thoughts and beliefs we all have, impact the results we see in our lives.

It’s what Kathie Donovan calls the “con job” and it’s a powerful force that needs to be tamed.

Kensel Tracy -The Marketing Coach

Having an abundance mindset is an asset in business. Imagine no longer having to plan desperate sales strategy after desperate sales strategy! Knowing who YOU are in business: values, vision and mission makes it easier for you to attract your ideal clients and for your best customers to find you.

Let Kensel Tracy’s proven strategies be the roadmap you follow for more growth and profit.


Marion BallaPsychotherapist

Our beliefs about life are really ideas that we pack into a suitcase before the age of twelve, according to psychotherapist Marion Balla.

Find out how the understanding you have of abundance and prosperity could be influenced by your experience as a child and can affect the results you see in your life.

Colleen O’Connell Campbell-Wealth Advisor, RBC Dominion Securities

How have your beliefs around money affected what you are getting out of your life? Creating an attitude of abundance and prosperity begins with self-awareness and a clear vision of what you want.

Colleen is an expert in this field and is on a mission to educate, empower and enlighten you to spend, save and share your wealth with confidence.

Laura Traplin – Psychic Medium

Living in abundance with passion and purpose, means listening to our intuition and clearing patterns that prevent us from living our best life.

Part of Laura Traplin’s mission is to enhance our awareness of the spiritual world around us and to encourage us to make time to ask for and notice important messages and signs that are there to guide us.

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