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Clearing Stress and AnxietyRelational-Clearing-David-Teed-Jean-Wilmot-LSWC

Relational Clearing Healing Circle

Sunday April 28, 10am-12pm

Presented by David Teed and Jean Wilmot

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?  Often our current circumstances aren’t the whole story behind why we may find ourselves struggling at a particular time.  Almost always there is a challenging event much earlier in our lives to which the current situation is connecting that amplifies our pain and discomfort.   By clearing the negative energy patterns formed by these original events, we can step into a new, lighter way of being and release our stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Join us and experience the profound nature of Relational Clearing and its ability to clear patterns which weigh us down.  We will begin the Healing Circle with a discussion about the energetic sources of anxiety and stress, and move on to a group clearing/healing along with a channeled meditation. Time permitting, we will offer some individual healing sessions as well.  We have been doing these gatherings in person and online for many years now and have seen the powerful life changes that can result – both emotional and physical.  We hope you can join us for this in-person event.

Location:  Living Science Wellness Centre, 59 Iber Road, Stittsville, Ontario

Pre-registration is required as spaces are limited.  Click here to REGISTER

Participation Fee:  $30