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THIS EVENT IS A REPEAT TRANSMISSION of the DIAMOND LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS ( scheduled for Nov 14) — due to the quick SELL OUT of the November event !

In March of 2019 the Sirian Blue White Collective introduced themselves in meditation to Dr. John Ryan, the founder of Unity Field Healing. Unity Field Healing (UFH) is an evolutionary new energy based healing modality that works through the field of Quantum information of your DNA. UFH supports personal transformation and healing through an alignment to the energies of the New Earth. The Collective identified themselves to be a group of light beings from the Sirius star system who work “behind the scenes” to support this new system of energy healing and ascension support.

Dr-John-Ryan-LSWCDr. John has been guided to develop a series of live “transmission” events that will serve to catalyze a forward momentum of ascension. Following the inaugural transmission scheduled for 10/10/2019 — The purpose of this second event is to activate what are known as diamond light body codes to facilitate the integration of higher vibrational geometries of activation that are dormant within our Quantum DNA system. There will be a channeled message from the Sirian Blue White Collective and a profound meditation to provide a direct energy transmission to all attendees from this magnificent group of light beings – to support in the changing energies of these times. The Collective emphasizes that they are here to support us based on our free will evolution into a seeded potential that has been dormant in our DNA for thousands of years – a fact with illuminate just how special are these times.

Please follow your heart if it speaks to you to join us, for this very special event with the Sirian Blue White Collective!