Dry Brushing for Fabulous Skin

Dry Brushing for Fabulous Skin

Dry Brushing for Fabulous Skin

As a nutritionist Bruce Bonner researched numerous methods to promote optimal health and wellness. Diet and exercise can be a cause for some skin issues including acne, blemishes, irritations, and he found dry brushing to be beneficial for fabulous skin. Bruce prefers a brush with soft bristles and a long handle to access the areas hard to reach. Like the lower back, calves, soles of the feet, and centre back areas of the body.

Technique tips how to use a skin brush are available here

You may have heard the term ‘ash looking or ashen’ take your finger nails and lightly scratch your arms you may see dry ‘ashen looking lines’ your skin is in need of some self care and nutrients.

skin-acne-blemish-dry-irritated-lswc-ottawaGood nutrition is a key to great looking skin, hair and nails. The foods we fuel our bodies with can have a rather large impact on our skin. Gut health imbalance can be the reason behind your “skin lacks lustre” appearance. Acne, blemishes, milia (tiny white facial bumps) are often signs or symptoms of blockages in pores, bacteria, allergies and reactions to chemical irritants.

Dry skin brushing increases blood flow, sloughs off the dead skin cells and detoxifies the skin cells.

Hydrate your skin by drinking water. To help it absorb add a pinch of sea salt to your glass of water and you’ll find your frequency to go to the bathroom reduces. Leaving your fabulous skin, vibrant nourished, cleansed and glowing.

Viscéral Manipulation therapy maybe a solution for those suffering with Adult Acne. To learn more about the benefits of this therapeutic massage book your appointment with Shirley Keith RMT.



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