Collagen: An Essential Key to Healthy Digestion

Collagen: An Essential Key to Healthy Digestion

Collagen: An Essential Key to Healthy Digestion

A  healthy digestion is sometimes a challenge. With so many options from digestive enzymes, fermented foods and probiotics.

Collagen is a great protein known to be beneficial for the following:

  • Supports collagen and connective tissue formation
  • Helps to maintain strong bones, cartilage, teeth and gums
  • Nourishes healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Builds lean muscle when combined with regular resistance training.

But…Did you know it is also excellent for a healthy digestive system? Gelatin that is found in bone broth comes from collagen. In traditional soup / stock recipes from all cultures around the world gelatin (collagen) is a big part of their “mysterious curative properties.” The essential building blocks of collagen, amino acids, are plentiful and help the cells of your digestive system repair itself. A strong intestinal lining prevents food particles, bacteria, viruses and parasites from penetrating into your bloodstream causing your immune system to attack and creating negative symptoms. Hyper-permeable Gut or “Leaky Gut” as it is called, is at the root of many chronic health disorders like arthritis, psoriasis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease just to name a few. Keeping your digestive tract healthy and strong with clean foods, probiotics and a great protein supplement, like collagen, is an excellent strategy to creating a healthy body. It is best to choose a product that is sourced from pasture (grass-fed) animals to eliminate toxins, like heavy metals.

Our recommendation is Progressive Complete Collagen an essential part of a healthy, active body. As a key “structural protein”, it provides the building blocks you need to mend, repair and build while you’re busy living life to the fullest.

The Living Science Wellness Centre provides solutions for those individuals suffering with the pain, anxiety, and discomfort caused by an unhealthy digestion. A comprehensive health history along with a nutritional consultation may provide the answers to your health questions and concerns.

Author Bruce Bonner MASc, RNCPGut-Health-Word-Cloud-Healthy-Digestion-LSWC