Naturally Boosting Our Immune System with Plants

Naturally Boosting Our Immune System…with Plants! Fall weather is heading our way, which usually brings colds, sniffles, and flus once again.  Colds and flus visit us and spread quickly when seasons change, especially when the air is cold and dry.  [...]

Teens Nutrition

Teens Nutrition We often hear from Teens and Parents in the summer months with questions surrounding nutrition, diet and lifestyle choices. Some relating to family commitments, summer jobs, athletics, school, heading off to college or university. Teens nutrition needs vary [...]

Gallbladder Removed Now What?

So you've had your gallbladder removed now what? People might not realize the gallbladder is essential for efficient fat digestion. Once it's removed you need to take proper digestive enzymes that contain bile salts to ensure you absorb food properly. Many people feel that  if [...]

Raised Garden Beds

Gardening at home Raised Garden Beds We started a few years ago with two raised garden beds created from some lumber we purchased locally. Adding organic soil and manure from the Carleton Place legion every spring. To top [...]

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