Flu prevention naturally

What are Some Natural Ways to Boost Immunity and Prevent Flu? It’s that time of year. Flu spreads like wildfire and you want to avoid catching what seems to be bringing everyone down around you. What are some good remedies [...]

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas Here are a few of our favourites for everyone and every budget simple inexpensive healthy holiday gift ideas that are cherished and felt by both the giver and the receiver! Smiles - creates instant warmth, share [...]

Walking a path to wellness

When you walk a path to wellness Ah the great outdoors. A simple walk is just enough to recharge your battery. Walking a path to wellness can be a wonderful way to welcome the fall season or any season. Grab [...]

Therapeutic Massage and Why Should You Get One

These are some of the symptoms for which Therapeutic Massage, may be a therapy that gives you some relief.  Injuries Muscle Injuries  Sprains, Strains Overuse/Repetitive Injuries Tendonitis             Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Conditions of the Head [...]

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