Black Squirrel Spring Arrival

Black Squirrel Spring Arrival

Black Squirrel Spring Arrival

Blending the best of science and nature! Black squirrel spring arrival of 6 new baby squirrels.

It’s no wonder Living Science Wellness Centre has this phrase for our tagline.

The simple joy found in nature can captivate your attention for hours.Black-squirrel-entering-next-babies-LSWC-Ottawa

Over the Easter weekend we were fortunate enough to see a mother squirrel moving her nest of beautiful new babies. So young they haven’t any fur yet nor were their eyes open.

One by one she transported them to a new safer environment away from our dog’s gaze.

She was quick to enter the rolled up wool carpet and gather her next squirrel in her mouth. Sometimes poking her head out to see if we were at a safe distance.


Her anxiety heightened by our dog’s bark from behind the glass door. Peaking out beneath the area rug, she checked to ensure the coast was clear before snatching a baby black squirrel in her mouth and making a run for it.

Making many trips to move them all to a more protective new home.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year to see all the new life, new sprouts, foliage bursting through the fresh earth. The birds have sprinkled seeds beneath the bird feeders and this has been the food source for the squirrels and the rabbits all winter long. In a few short weeks these seeds with sprout and as in other years wonderful sunflowers have grown and taken root. Nature comes full circle when the sunflower’s black seeds bring food for the birds to enjoy early fall.

Our yard has a few wild rabbits frolicking about as we await their baby rabbits.

Time to start planning to ready the vegetable gardens for a new batch of seeds.


Springtime is a perfect season to enjoy nature at it’s finest with new beginnings visible all around us. The birds are chirping and gathering straw, twigs, grass with which to make their nests.  For the baby birds that will be hatching soon. Buds on the trees start to pop out of the once dormant branches.

Unwind and de-stress by taking a walk along a cleared path and bask in the foliage, take a deep breath in and smell your surroundings. Look up, way up and see the splendid clouds, sky and tree tops.  Listen to hear the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet the ground may feel soft and squishy and explore all that spring has to offer. Hug a tree, visit a sugar bush and taste the sap.

Our spring arrival ritual is to take our shoes off, walk barefoot on the grass, to get grounded to the earth beneath your feet. We invite you to try “earthing” or “grounding” and see or feel the health benefits for yourself. Walking-on-grass-grounded-LSWC