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About Living Science Wellness Centre in Ottawa

Welcome to Living Science Wellness Centre


Our mission at the Living Science Wellness Centre is blending the best of science and nature!

Our story… Living Science Wellness Centre (LSWC) in Ottawa Canada came from a passion for health and a desire for answers. Knowledge, education, non-stop vast amounts of endless reading, medical journals, Weston A Price Foundation, materials, interviews with like minds, Dr Mercola, webinars, movies, and numerous  experiences from Chiropractic,  NAET, Iridology, Metabolic Typing, Supplements, plant and facility tours, GMP creating a clean product tested for athletes and regular folks too.  A belief that standing for something and not wavering in your values and beliefs was and is number one!

First and foremost there exists a passion for people along with a desire to improve their overall health and well-being. From something as simple as a heartfelt smile, a warm greeting, welcome you’ve come to the right place to get the answers you’ve been seeking, to a hug – the power in the human touch is truly a healing mechanism.

Bruce Bonner brings a passion for health and well-being to everything he does and everyone he meets.

Over the years he has researched at length digestive disorders on his own personal quest in order to propel his own health to new heights.

Bruce knows firsthand the discipline required in order to become a professional athlete. Rigorous training, long hours, proper nutrition, coaching and team sports all prepared him for where he is today. Bruce played pro hockey in Germany for a number of years.  Dubbed the “Ice Hockey Professor” by his teammates.

From parents working moms & dads jockeying kids to games, tournaments and extra circular activities and events Bruce saw firsthand the potential for burnout, and lack luster nutrition habits as more often the meals are on the go, on the run, in a rink, arena, center, often in another city or country. And food is what the body needs for fuel, sustenance, growth and development.

Now, more than 20 years later, Bruce along with his wife of 26 years Susan are in Stittsville and, alongside our team of like-minded wonderful creative practitioners, we’re continuing to grow. We developed the Living Science Wellness Centre and starting with its very own state of the art kitchen for educating, workshops, seminars, programs, tastings and learning all about how the foods we feed our bodies fuel our minds.

A favourite quote from Dr. Weston A Price “You Teach, you teach, you teach”.

We’ve always dreamt about standing for something we believe in and this includes fresh grown fruits and vegetables, we have a few raised garden beds in the backyard of our home in Richmond and love to support local farmers for the freshest organic vegetables, organic meats and within our community, local small business whom we frequent and like to support and nurture.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates.

Join us for a lovely cup of herbal tea!

Ours is story infused with passion for delicious nutritious food and better health – for both our family, our friends, our community and our Wellness Centre clinic.

We invite you to visit the Living Science Wellness Centre the atmosphere is welcoming, the energy is uplifting and we will do our level best to provide you and your family with the best health & nutrition information possible.

The kettle is always on, pop in for a cup of herbal tea!